At Nanabush Trails we are pleased to offer a trail system that has a great deal of variety for every user. Our trails follow the historic paths of our Chippewa elders. The paths were the historic avenues used to survive life on the island and build the community we know today.

The trail system is divided into four trail segments that all offer a unique learning opportunity. Each trail is marked with seven points of interest, as well as being lined with exhibits, wildlife viewing areas and unique opportunities to safely examine wetlands.

provides an authentic wigwam village as you walk along the serene trails and learn why the sweetgrass plant is held sacred by the Chippewa people. THE TOBACCO TRAIL provides the opportunity to learn the history of the island and its people. THE CEDAR TRAIL introduces you to the diversity of the forests, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds that live on the island. Finally, make your back to the Trail Centre on THE SAGE TRAIL where robust woodlands serve as a fine example of our natural heritage and support the growth of many locally and regionally rare species of herbs and shrubs.

To get a visual image of our trail system, highlight the trail map and you will see that all trails are named and colour coded for the safety of our guests. You can walk for over an hour, or you can choose a shorter segment for a less vigorous hike.

Don’t forget your camera and be prepared to lose yourself in a place that is close to the city but makes you feel like you are a million miles away.


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